Venetian Macau and MGM Macau have had their appeals denied which related to tourism taxes owed from 2011 and 2009 respectively. Galaxy Entertainment Group had previously exercised their last appeal on taxes owed from 2011.

Business Daily of Macau reports that the director of the Financial Services Bureau ordered Venetian to pay back tourism taxes of MOP14.09 million (about US$1,76m) for 2011 and MGM to pay MOP6.75 million (US$844,600) for 2009.

The cases had run through appeals to the Chief Executive and the Secretary for Finance and Economy, the Court of Second Instance, and finally the Court of Final Instance (TUI) without success for the companies.

The TUI ruled that the concerns had still not shown an exemption beyond Article 1 of the  law on tourism tax (Law no. 19/96/M) which allows exemption only for the price of the additional telecommunications and laundries services provided, and service charges up to 10% limit.

Although the court reportedly did not give any specific details on the present cases, in 2011 Galaxy had attempted to not pay tourism taxes on several items including transportation (fairies, shuttles, and flights) other transportation, parking, equipment rental, mail services and retail newspaper sales at StarWorld Hotel.