Casino closures

Not all casinos will stay open as long as Casino de Spa in Belgium which opened in 1763 or the 400-year-old Casinò di Venezia on the Grand Canal. Sometimes the slots and tables will move from a riverboat to land as they did in Indiana, sometimes the casinos simply fail due to market forces or mismanagement as many have in Atlantic City. And while rarer, some will simply not open with a viable concept and close within a year as happened in Las Vegas in January 2018.

While not all closures result in the property being imploded, we cover those spectacular events here as well. In some instances a story in this section will lead you to more information in Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships; Fines, Lawsuits & Litigation; or Casino Sales. Whatever the future holds for the places haunted by Lady Luck, you will find their stories here.

Station Casinos CEO Fertitta says “too early” to decide fate of shuttered Southern Nevada casinos

Permanent closure might be imminent for four Station Casino resorts in Southern Nevada, according to Frank Fertitta III, Chief Executive Officer of parent company Red Rock Resorts Inc. (NASDAQ: RRR). Accordi...