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While Macau has been the world's biggest gambling revenue generator for a decade, there is no such thing as status quo or a new normal there. Multi-billion dollar resorts are opening with as few as 100 gaming tables and the licenses of all six concessionaires are set to expire between 2020 and 2022 with no clear guidance from the government as to what will happen next. World Casino News covers Macau with nearly 700 articles on the mecca to date.

Follow this section to learn of breaking developments in Japan, as the final regulations will determine whether the island country will become the next Macau or simply another nation with gambling. Follow along as the titans battle it out for a position in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Vietnam has finally decided to let their citizens play at home and huge integrated resorts are being built there. Singapore and Malaysia are home to massive casino complexes and countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and the Asian areas of Russia generate casino news on a regular basis. Follow it all on World Casino News.

MGM Resorts International designated as official Osaka casino partner

In Japan and the city of Osaka has reportedly selected a consortium being led by MGM Resorts International to be the preferred operating partner for its tilt at winning one of the nation’s coming trio of integr...

Wakayama Prefecture lays out ambitious integrated casino resort timetable

In Japan and the government for Wakayama Prefecture has reportedly announced that it intends to have agreed a draft development plan for its envisioned integrated casino resort before the end of November. Ac...

Genting Singapore Limited shelves Yokohama integrated casino resort plan

In Japan and Genting Singapore Limited has reportedly shelved its campaign to bring an integrated casino resort to Yokohama after the giant city elected a new mayor that is vehemently opposed to the realization...