WinADay Casino recently announced their latest slot gaming jackpot winner, a player who was able to earn a nice windfall from the popular Tropical Treat slot game. The player, known as Diane B., was online enjoying the Tropical Treat game when she won $182,430. Diane now plans on using her new found wealth to plan a family trip and move her mother to be closer to the family.

Diane told WinADay officials that she has won a little cash during a visit to Atlantic City year ago but never been this lucky before. First on her list is to use the money for a large family celebration. She was playing Tropical Treat when she earned the big prize so she plans on taking her family on a tropical cruise.

Diane also has been worrying about her mother as she gets older. Her mother currently lives in another town and she has been frustrated that she has been unable to help her as much as she would like. So, some of the money will be used to get her closer to her daughter. Diane will also be placing some of the money aside to go towards her children’s education.

Tropical Treat is a slot machine offered at WinADay that has 50 pay lines and offers free spins plus unique graphics featuring fun in the sun! When you choose your wager amount, butterflies will flutter across the screen to get you started. The game is connected to a site-wide progressive jackpot so players have a chance to win an impressive jackpot prize.

The progressive is tied to many games with Sylvia M. earning a prize of $165,900 soon after the Tropical Treat game launched and Donald T. earning $202,107 while playing another game connected to the progressive, Gypsy Charm, back in September. Big prizes are not uncommon at WinADay, especially when it comes to slot game play!

The online casino recently launched a new slot game titled Ice Crystals, giving the site 33 one of a kind slot games as well as 18 penny slots with unique gaming features. The jackpot of Tropical Treat has now been reset and the jackpot already sits at over $60,000 and climbing as players enjoy the game on a daily basis.