The Nevada Gaming Control Board released figures on Tuesday to reveal what casinos in the state were able to earn for 2016, with $11.26 billion produced. This was an increase of just 1.3% when compared to the previous year. December totals fell short with only $956 million won, which was a decline of 2.7% when compared year-over-year, reflecting a nationwide trend following November’s elections nad perhaps a true indicator of consumer confidence.

The majority of the $11.26 billion earned last year, just over $7 billion was produced by slot machines. This was a slight increase when compared to 2015 of around 2.3%.Table and other games produced just over $4 billion with an almost unchanged percentage year-on-year of .4%.

Around $6.38 billion, or 56.7% of the revenues came from the Las Vegas Strip.

State officials reported in early January that the larger casinos of the state were able to see net income in the most recent fiscal year, something that has not happened in seven years. The state saw an all-time high in gaming wins in 2007 when casinos produced $12.85 billion.

For the Fiscal Year 2016, the casino industry of Nevada earned $25.23 billion. This includes the money earned from hotel rooms, dining and beverage, plus entertainment along with the gaming win. The gaming win for the Fiscal Year came in at $10.76 billion which is just over 42% of the total revenues earned for the state.