On June 21st 2015, it was reported that in Subang Jaya, police detained 33 gamblers. These gamblers included college students from Singapore, Italy and Iran. The raid came in the early morning after a tip off from the public on the 20th.

It has been said by the Oriental Daily that the police seized a total of RM29 000 in chips, cash and gambling tools. The police also confiscated the student cards that belonged to the foreign students.

The illegal casino that was being operated on the top floor of the building was stormed by a police team of 18 that were from the Bukit Aman, which were led by IPD PJ Tuan Tan.

Those that were arrested were 31 males and 2 females that were between the ages of 18 and 58.

Three locals and two Filipino women were arrested out of the 33 people. It is to be believed that they were staff of the casino.

The police said that there was a tight security system in place for the casino. The regular customers had access cards which were used for the elevator and doors in order to get to the illegal casino.