The largest lottery prize in the history of Atlantic Canada has still not been claimed. The record-breaking $64 million Lotto winning ticket was sold by New Brunswick lottery in Gloucester County on April 15, 2023 but the winner(s) has not approached the operator to claim the prize yet. According to Play Canada, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) approves the player’s right but reminds that the ticket is valid for one year and that the prize cannot be claim upon expiry of this period.

A Patient Approach:

The same source reports that ALC will not rush the nameless winner(s) to come forward regardless of the general excitement of public and the overall curiosity about the winner(s) and their reasons not to claim the prize within a few days after the announcement, which has usually been the case in the region so far. ALC will reportedly take a patient approach and simply wait for the winner to come up with the claim.

Veil of Mystery:

The ALC website reportedly states that winning tickets expire one year after the draw date, as indicated earlier. It surely gives enough time for the victor to chose the preferred option to collect the prize, but the usual winners’ practice to redeem their prizes soon after the lottery results veils this unusual event with mystery and intrigue.  However, Greg Weston, a spokesperson for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation reportedly said that such pattern doesn’t always apply, especially when it comes to to the big wins.

Weston reportedly said: “Sometimes winners, especially when it comes to a larger prize like this, they will take a few extra days or a little more time before they come in to claim their prize and it’s difficult to speculate why that is,” said Weston. “Everyone has their own reason, maybe they want to talk to a lawyer, a financial advisor, maybe they have to talk to their family before they come in.” He reportedly added that the winners have the right to act to their preference in any case.

Rumors and Speculations:

The fact that the winner(s) has remained unknown for a month now triggered various rumors and speculations on social media. Some of these assume that the record jackpot belongs to a group of winners and the others go a step further to claim that employees from a New Brunswick store won the prize, etc. According to Play Canada, the ALC monitors various platforms and rejects the rumors.

Weston reportedly said: “Certainly we’ve been paying attention to social media and seen what everyone out there is saying, but at this point we’re waiting to hear from the winners and we’ll have more details to share about them once we do.”

In the meantime, the winner(s) is apparently taking advantage of the right to remain silent. They might be waiting for the social buzz to calm down to be able to claim the prize and avoid any publicity for security or other reasons.