The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been busy as of late, working on several forms of player protection within the gambling realm. The group has recently provided details on an upcoming self-exclusion registry as well as announced compliance priorities for the upcoming year. The goal of the group is to provide insight into misinformation and scams that can cause harm to the local community.

National Self-Exclusion Register

A new National Self-Exclusion registry is coming to Australia, with the launch expected in the coming months. An exact start date has yet to be given. When the registry is operational, players will be able to exclude from all licensed interactive wagering services for three months to a lifetime.

The register is free to use, and personal details are protected. Players who choose to utilize the register will be unable to place a wager, open a new account, or receive marketing messages. Gamblers can utilize the resources of the ACMA to email for more information on the register. Once it is live, those who have sent an email will be contacted.

Engine Australia has been hired to build and run the new register. Trials of service are currently taking place before the service is live.

ACMA Targeting Misinformation and Scams

The ACMA is also working on targeting misinformation and SMS scams, giving the public more insight into how they can avoid being tricked. Nerida O’Loughlin, the ACMA Chair, stated that SMS scams have increased within the last year and new rules will be launched for telcos that require such messaging to be tracked and blocked.

This effort falls in line with the establishment of a national self-exclusion register. As part of the compliance priorities, ACMA will require businesses to enforce SMS and email unsubscribe rules. Customer requests must be taken care of and it must not be difficult for users to unsubscribe from marketing.

The ACMA will enforce its rules regarding SMS, online misinformation, and the registry. Once a player chooses to self-exclude, the licensed provider must adhere to protocols. It will be considered an offense if an operator allows a player to open an account while listed on the register, place a wager, or send marketing to players.

The register is being created to help players who want to change their gambling habits and it will complement existing consumer protection measures. Once a player chooses to self-exclude, they must complete the selected time frame before being allowed access to services once again.