Actor Robert De-Niro and billionaire James Packer have a plan to build a luxurious casino as part of the announced $250 million Barbuda resort named Paradise Found.

De-Niro, 72 years old, revealed in an interview with Forbes magazine that he had been a regular visitor to the Antigua and Barbuda ever since his early twenties. The actor described both the location and the people as special and pointed out that he received a very good treatment by the government. According to De-Niro, the Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Ambassador Gilbert Boustany were both supporting and pushing for development of the project.

Reportedly, the resort would include six over water villas, each equipped with an individual dock. Additionally, there would be a total of 50 main villas and cottages, which will have a private pool. According to the information provided, the project also comes with a super yacht marina, which would be available only to owners and guests of Paradise Found. The well-known Princess Diana Beach would have six water moorings installed in front of it as well.

It was also reported that there has been a special philanthropy deal too, which secured a beautification project for the whole island. Under the agreement, the developer would have to remove condemned buildings and reduce visual pollution. Moreover, low income families would be offered homes, whereas a medical building and clinic would be built in order to improve residents’ health.

According to the reports, the lease includes 167 acres of buffer land and 55 acres of the K Club as part of the area covering a total of 859 acres.