Top-rated in-game platform supplier for advertisers, game developers, and agencies, Adverty, has announced a new advertising option that was invented by the brand. Known as In-Menu, this in-game brand advertising format has launched and allows users to add relevant IAB display banner ads to menu screens found in-between gaming actions. The new ad unit with the In-Play format creates a product suite for seamless ad solutions in-game helping to provide performance-based ads as well as promote brand awareness.

Interactive Ads

The new product is interactive, exposing the brand along with providing a call to action. Advertisers can use the In-Menu ads to showcase brand messaging as well as the actions that they choose. The customization features are vast, including creating direct access to purchasing. The patent-pending ad technology used by Adverty allows users to stay in the game while still taking part in the ad experience.

Founder and CEO of Adverty, Niklas Bakos, commented on the new product, stating the In-Menu ads are compatible with the traditional format of buying programmatic ad inventory. However, with In-Menu, there is a new and relatively unexplored media channel of mobile gaming to access. Bakos said: “The growth potential here is enormous and we expect that growth to be rapid.”

New Industry Standards

Adverty is working on creating new industry standards for in-game advertising. They have built relationships with IAB as well as IAB Europe, IAB UK, IAB Tech Labs and IAB Sweden to work on standards.

The company feels that programmatic media buying will continue to grow and include in-app space opportunities. This will be alongside the current focus on web ads.

Adverty estimates that In-Menu inventory will be included in its game portfolio by early next year. Indie game studios and top game publishers have reviewed In-Menu, providing overwhelmingly positive feedback about the product.