In the United States and the American Gaming Association (AGA) trade group has released the results of a special survey that found widespread optimism regarding the current state and future prospects of the nation’s gaming industry.

The advocacy organization used an official Tuesday press release to detail that its evaluation was conducted in partnership with global capital research firm Fitch Ratings Incorporated and sought the opinions of 26 executives from some of the United States’ leading casino operators, gaming equipment suppliers and iGaming firms. The body also explained that its Gaming Industry Outlook exercise was run over the week that began on August 30 so as to gather the third-quarter temperature of a sector that is annually thought to be worth well north of $260 billion.

Adverse aspects:

The AGA is tasked with representing the interests of commercial and tribal casino operators as well as suppliers and other entities affiliated with the gaming industry from across the United States. The enterprise stated that 65% of those surveyed had cited ‘supply chain issues’ as a major negative currently impacting trade while 50% had mentioned macro-economic uncertainties and shortages in labor as large impediments to potential future growth.

Extensive enthusiasm:

Established in 1995, the AGA declared that 68% of those surveyed as part of its most recent Gaming Industry Outlook campaign had nevertheless described the current state of their business as ‘good’ with a further 28% opting for the ‘satisfactory’ tag. The organization moreover proclaimed that 92% of these respondents noted that they ‘expected these conditions to continue or improve over the next three to six months’ while only 8% anticipated a decline.

Recent recovery:

Bill Miller serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for the AGA and he used the press release to proclaim that the gaming industry in the United States has experienced ‘strong growth over the past two yearsfollowing the upheaval associated with the coronavirus pandemic. However, the experienced figure furthermore asserted that the sector is still facing ‘future uncertainty’ with the survey having uncovered ‘a significant deterioration in the credit environment’ despite widespread belief that balance sheets will continue to ‘improve over the next six months.’

Important indices:

The AGA additionally pronounced that the current conditions index of its Gaming Industry Outlook exercise stood at 99.5 to show that third-quarter ‘real gaming-related economic activity is relatively stable’ when compared with the previous three-month period. The enterprise finished by affirming that the associated future indicator of 95.3 highlights that the industry expects business ‘to decrease moderately over the next six months’ at an annualized rate of something like 4.7%.

Read a statement from Miller…

Our industry remains cautiously optimistic and has weathered this volatile economy because of resilient consumer demand. Looking ahead, future consumer confidence and spending remain an outstanding question for our continued growth.”