May was a great month for traveling from China to South Korea. June 24, 2015 official statement from South Korea revealed travel was up 28% based on a 2014 to 2015 analysis. May numbers showed 1.69 million people flew from China to South Korea. China to South Korea is not the only change in travel destinations.

The weakening of the Japanese Yen has made travel between South Korean and Japan popular according to an annual analysis of May 2014 and May 2015. From last year to this year a 22% increase has occurred, with about 1 million travelers in May going from South Korea to Japan. The data was released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

South Korea finds these numbers positive. The 16 foreign-only gambling establishments and Kongwon Land, which is open to Korean citizens are targeting Japanese and Chinese guests. There are several more casinos in the works, with one location close to Incheon International Airport. The airport serves Seoul. There is also a resort being built on Jeju.

The resort is part of a Genting Singapore Plc investment. Jeju has several casino resorts in a cluster. The island also allows visa-free access for those who hold Chinese passports from the mainland. It is possible to fly or sail to the island.

Reports have indicated that China is going to slow the marketing of South Korea. South Korea is using marketing campaigns in China to increase interest in their casinos.