Earlier this week, the Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley, announced that a special session was to be held in the state to discuss the possibility of the state lottery. This was surprising news as the lottery has long been a sore spot for the conservative state, with residents divided as to whether or not a lottery should be offered. It seems now that the Governor feels the lottery is the only way in which Alabama can find the funds needed to meet budget shortfalls.

During the initial announcement, the date for the special session was not revealed. According to the Montgomery Advisor, Bentley has now announced the session will take place on the 15th of August, set for just over two weeks from now. The date was announced in a special video by the Governor where he asked residents of the state to make their voices heard by legislators.

Bentley stated that after all other avenues have been exhausted in finding ways to generate funds, the lottery seems to be the best way to bring about money to the state, with $225 million expected to be generated each year.

If the session results in a vote in November, it will be up to the residents of the state to decide if they would like to see a lottery take place. Any funds raised from a state lottery would go towards General Funds Programs which would assist in child services, law enforcement, the mentally ill and other urgent relief needs.