Greenetrack Bingo & Racing, a gambling facility located within the state of Alabama, has been fighting for years to be able to offer bingo gambling games. After finally seeing headway back in June, the facility now must fight again after the Alabama Supreme Court issued a stay on a motion filed by the Attorney General Luther Strange’s office.

Just six days after the AG’s office filed the motion, the Supreme Court issued the stay, as reported by the Tuscaloosa News. Strange was asking for the court to delay the enforcement of a ruling made in June by former Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Houston Brown. Just one month ago, Brown ruled that the state had a 30 day time frame in which to return 825 gambling machines that had been seized by authorities during a raid that took place back in 2010 at Greenetrack.

In the ruling, Brown stated that the gambling machines were in compliance with an amendment to the state constitutions from 2003 in which authorities decided that electronic marking machines were allowed for bingo gaming in Greene County. Strange was not happy with the ruling, claiming the decision by the court in the case was ignoring the law as it was made clear by the Alabama Supreme Court in March. Strange announced he would be filing a motion to stay the ruling and an appeal within the Alabama Supreme Court.

On March 31st of this year, the Alabama Supreme Court commented on a bill that was shot down that would have allowed facilities such as Greenetrack to operate the electronic bingo machines. The bill was four votes off from passing and the court stated that hopefully the vote was the last and that the ‘attempts to defy the Alabama Constitution’s ban on lotteries’ is over.

The AG’s office did file an appeal in this case based on Brown’s ruling and was seeking the stay on the decision in the meantime, as they wait on the outcome of the appeal. In the motion, filed on the 7th of July, it states that the court should stay the Circuit Court’s order so that it continues to have jurisdiction to adjudicate the state’s appeal. The motion was filed because the order requires the state to return the gambling machines within a 30 day time frame which started on the 22nd of June, with the state asking for a ruling on the motion before the 21st of July.

The Alabama Supreme Court issued their decision to grant the stay just two days ago. Lawyers for Greenetrack are now asking the high court to reconsider their decision.