Tan Seet Eng, better known as Dan Tan, is one of 14 people that were arrested in September 2013 when Singapore officials were cracking down on a match-fixing ring. Believed to be the mastermind of the global scheme, Dan Tan has now been released after an order of release was ordered by the Singapore Court of Appeal.

During the crackdown of the match-fixing ring, Tan was accused of being the mastermind behind the crime syndicate. The group made money by fixing football matches across the globe. This included the Serie A and Serie B of Italy. Tan also faced the same charges in Hungary in May 2013.

The detention of Tan was based on the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act. This means the Minister of Home Affairs has the right to detain a suspect indefinitely without trial. This law is usually used in regards to major crime bosses from illegal gambling to drug pushers. Loan sharks and underground syndicate members are also detained in this manner.

Thong Chee Kun and Hamidul Haq are the lawyers representing Tan, who continued to challenge his detention. The attorney’s stated that the detention was illegally invoked as the alleged offenses took place outside of the jurisdiction of Singapore.

On Wednesday, a three-judge appeals court ruled unlawful detention and that nothing had been shown that the alleged activity by Tan had taken place in Singapore. One of the judges, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, stated that the matches were fixed and it all took place beyond the shores of Singapore.