Just about a year ago we brought you Malfunction Voids All Pays – RTG and it seems we are seeing a similar situation occur again. Please note that anything proffered here is the opinion of the author and in no way should be construed as the official opinion of the World Casino Directory.

In mid-late December a poster on Casinomiester.com forums reported that she had very strange displays, results, and non-pays from Elf vs Orc. She contacted the casino, sent screen shots, and was eventually told that the game was now functioning properly.  She posted the following on December 20th, “We can confirm that we were experiencing some technical problems with the game which may be the reason why you had the problem. We are however, happy to advise that it has now been rectified.”  She went on to document more instances of the game malfunctioning.

We noticed the game missing from at least one casino and a fixed bet size of 1.00 at other casinos shortly after that. We know of at least one case where a player is going to not be paid a sum close to 300,000.00 because the game was not operating as the maker thought it was.

We have no clue who actually makes the game. It would seem as if RTG hasn’t actually developed any video slots for at least 10 years.  (See RTG Slots made by Dynamite Games.) The graphics, math, and what we can see of the engine of Elf vs Orc doesn’t really strike us as a Dynamite game.  We can’t find out easily either as the http://dynamitegames.com.au/ website has been offline for some time now. However a search on the internet archives still shows graphics of well-known RTG games as created by Dynamite. According to the archived website, “To date, Dynamite Games have developed over 300 gaming titles…” 

Be that all as it may, and regardless of to whom the game is attributed – Elf vs Orc brings up the same question that we raised in regards to Dream Run. How is a poorly designed game a “malfunction”. It is this reviewer’s opinion that it is not possible to ‘break’ a slice of code. The game was released with an exploitable feature and some players by design, and others by accident won more than they “should” have. Or did they? They won according to the rules, the pay table, and the written code of the game. They risked credits, pressed the provided buttons, and their balances increased. The onus is on the game provider to protect their casinos from such exploits. The casinos should pay all players in full and redress their grievances to the provider. It is as simple as that. Online casino games that are not altered by outside forces are simply incapable of malfunction. The game played precisely as it was programmed.  There was no malfunction so no winnings should be void.


The onus is on a casino to test a game before it goes LIVE, period. There are no widgets, no loose parts, no flies in the ointment. Online games are simply not capable of malfunctioning. The slots engines, the RTP percentages, and the maths are set in stone.