Alecz Chan of Singapore had an amazing day of poker game play recently, having been able to defeat six players during the APT Championships Event to earn the first-place win. Chan was on a roll, knocking out player after player during the poker event to claim the trophy after facing poker pro Victor Chong in heads-up play. The Macau tournament would end with the two choosing to split the prize money down the middle and flip for the trophy.

According to the Asian Poker Tour, the final day of the event would see 12 players returning to the felt at the Macau Billionaire Poker room, located inside the Babylon Casino. The APT Finale Macau Championships 2017 would be coming to an end soon. Only ten places were to be paid, so no one wanted to be the first two eliminated. The first to go was Dong Guo followed shortly by Ryuichi Utsunomiya, leaving the final table of ten to compete for the prize money.

The final table would consist of top pros, including Victor Chong, who held the chip lead. It was at this point that Alecz Chan began his climb to the top. He took out Sparrow Cheung first, then Kai Paulsen, Terry Tang and Kahle Burns as gameplay continued, then two more players before heads-up play began.

In the end, it was Chan and Chong in heads-up play to see who would be named the victor. When heads-up play began, the two were pretty even in chip stacks. They decided to split the prize money and then play five hands, not looking at their cards, to see who would take home the trophy. Chan was the winner and captured the APT Championships Event title after the fifth hand.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Alecz Chan 369,950
Second Victor Chong 369,950
Third Christopher Michael Soyza 202,900
Fourth Tetsuya Tsuchikawa 155,600
Fifth Justin Pak Kwan Chan 133,700
Sixth Kahle Burns 115,400
Seventh Tianyuan Tang 100,300
Eighth Hung Sheng Lin 88,100
Ninth Kai Danilo Paulsen 79,700
Tenth Sparrow Cheung 72,200