Argentina presidential elections, which are slated to take place on October 25, 2015, are heating up at least for gambling talks. In Buenos Aires a lot of talk is looking at the major issue of gaming. Mauricio Macri, the City Mayor and one runner for the election has made his stance. He told media on April 10th, 2015 that he and his record show a clear set of limits on gaming in Buenos Aires since he took the office of mayor. He further stated his opposition is trying to increase the amount of bingo halls, but the mayor and his team have rejected these.

Argentina gaming regulation is through the National Lottery. Government officials, including the mayor, are small players when it comes to gaming regulation at least until this recent election campaign according to Macri.

Macri released his comments to media after Cristobal Lopez was prohibited from opening five new bingo halls in March. Lopez is just one of the individuals trying to open more locations. Macri also made statements that he is blocking more gaming after criticisms hit media that he was not doing enough. He asks for the people to look at the national level, the lottery, and to see the latest rejections of bingo hall requests as evidence that he is ensuring gaming will not overrun the capital.