Proposed constitutional amendments in Arkansas to allow casino gambling in the state and to legalize marijuana have been rejected by Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (pictured).

The state’s attorney general wrote in an opinion dated Friday, that the proposal to legalize marijuana in Arkansas by West Fork resident Larry Morris is ambiguous and mirrored a later proposal submitted by Summit resident, Mary Berry, according to the Associated Press. Rutledge reportedly made the suggestion to Morris that he and Berry consider working together.

Separate from the marijuana opinion, Rutledge reportedly wrote that the name of the casino proposal by Hot Springs resident Barry Emigh is not only misleading but “confusing to the point of being nonsensical.” The attorney general also wrote that Emigh’s proposal does not provide an explanation as to who the members of a committee would be that would be issued gambling licenses or how said committee would be created, according to the report.

In October last year, a ballot referendum that would have given Arkansas voters the opportunity to decide whether or not casino gambling could be allowed in Boone, Miller and Washington counties, was rejected by the Arkansas Supreme Court. The state’s high court ruled at the time that the measure be removed from the November 8 ballot due to the fact that the title of the ballot referendum did not relay to voters that the measure would be in violation of current federal sports gambling laws.