Las Vegas-headquartered casino equipment manufacturer, Aruze Gaming America Incorporated, has reportedly accused Japanese gaming conglomerate Universal Entertainment Corporation of attempting to ‘destroy’ the reputation of its owner, Kazuo Okada (pictured).

Owner earlier attended ICAC interview:

According to a report from GGRAsia, the Nevada firm issued a statement yesterday after 76-year-old Okada earlier confirmed that he had been interviewed by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong. The July 30 exercise saw the billionaire businessman released after he had agreed to post a bond and surrender his passport.

Okada has an estimated personal fortune of approximately $2.1 billion and was questioned by the graft-busting body over allegations that he had helped to defraud Universal Entertainment Corporation out of millions of dollars.

Allegations called ‘groundless’:

However, Aruze Gaming America Incorporated used its Thursday release to call the allegations against the septuagenarian ‘groundless’ and simply an attempt by Tokyo-based Universal Entertainment Corporation ‘to destroy’ Okada and ‘break up his family.’

Aruze Gaming America Incorporated’s statement reportedly read…

“We expect that most people reading the sensational news about Mr Okada do not have a proper understanding of the ICAC’s process in Hong Kong. It is believed that Universal Entertainment [Corporation’s] intention is to destroy Mr Okada and break up his family.”

Billionaire was not ‘arrested’:

Aruze Gaming America Incorporated took specific umbrage in a Monday statement from Universal Entertainment Corporation in which it asserted that Okada had been ‘arrested’ by the ICAC. The Nevada firm responded by declaring that its founder had voluntarily attended the interview by appointment and had not been charged with a crime by ‘either by the ICAC or any other law enforcement agencies in any countries.’

The American firm further reportedly detailed that Okada was now classed as being under the ‘detention’ of the ICAC and that this was different under the rules of the Hong Kong body to being ‘arrested.’

Speed of response draws scorn:

Universal Entertainment Corporation’s statement explained that it was ready to ‘render our full support and assistance to the ICAC and other law enforcement authorities should the situation require.’ But, Aruze Gaming America Incorporated alleged that the speed at which the Japanese firm had released these remarks represented the latest example in a ‘pattern of repeated attempts’ to discredit the entrepreneur.

Aruze Gaming America Incorporated’s statement further reportedly read…

“They hope most people reading the latest reports will not understand the details and will simply gain a negative impression of Mr Okada. We reiterate that no criminal charges have been filed. The investigation process will provide the opportunity for the truth to come out.”