In Sweden and Aspire Global has reportedly announced that it intends to fight a lawsuit being brought by the nation’s Konsumentombudsman consumer protection authority over claims that one of its subsidiaries has contravened local rules on the promotion of an online casino.

According to a Tuesday report from, the Maltese firm was hit with fines totaling almost $303,000 earlier this year after its Sweden-licensed sites were adjudged to have failed to prohibit self-excluded gamblers from accessing their services. The operator is now purportedly facing a lawsuit alleging that its AG Communications Limited subordinate via the domain at broke marketing rules by not properly disclosing the details attached to its bonus offers.

Obscure obligations:

The Konsumentombudsman reportedly detailed that AG Communications Limited failed to suitably inform Swedish punters at that they would be required to invest just over $7,000 before being allowed to take advantage of a $200 bonus and 100 complimentary spins. The authority also drew attention to the obscurity of a rollover requirement that must be redeemed 35 times within 21 days as well as a provision that sees the bequeathed spins good for only one day.

Read a statement from the Konsumentombudsman

“The information about the restrictions and rules is written in small style and nothing is evident from the marketing that meets consumers. There is also no information that gambling is prohibited for anyone under 18. There is also no information about gambling addiction and where support is available. Anyone who wants to cancel a registered registration is instead encouraged by playing.”

Unruly undertaking:

The Konsumentombudsman reportedly declared that such a situation ‘violates the gaming team’s requirements’ by luring players with bonus offers that they ‘in reality never get to know without playing for huge amounts’. It additionally purportedly stated that ‘promises bonuses and free spins that’ compel online casino aficionados to ‘play too large sums’ and that this ‘risks affecting everyone who has difficulty controlling their gambling.’

Controversial contentions:

In response, reported that the Chief Executive Officer for Aspire Global, Tsachi Maimon, proclaimed that the bonus offers promoted by AG Communications Limited do not contravene ‘the requirements of moderate marketing’ contained within Sweden’s Gaming Act and that his firm now intends to ‘object to the Konsumentombudsman’s interpretation of the law.’ The boss moreover pronounced that he was ‘critical to having been chosen as the subject’ of the authority’s action, which he claimed was designed ‘to bring about case law in the form of precedence from the patent and market court’ so as to properly define ‘how the requirement for moderate marketing should be interpreted.’