Atlantic City casino hotels are currently searching for individuals to fill a few hundred openings, with full time positions included. The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that as many as 300+ openings are available, with full time positions at just over 100 available, including benefits for full time employees.

Caesars Entertainment properties of Atlantic City are looking to hire across several areas including Management and Entry-level. Food services in particular has many positions open for those seeking employment. Once the World Series of Poker arrives next month, Caesars Entertainment will be looking to hire for as many as 120 temporary dealer positions.

Such casinos owned by Caesars like Harrah’s Resort is looking to feel these positions but not having any luck. In the past, casinos would put out the ‘We’re Hiring’ signs and individuals would fill up in lines. However, this is not happening anymore. Most likely, individuals are not interested due to the major job loss back in 2014, when 6,500 positions were cut when four casinos closed down. The unemployment rate of the Atlantic County sits at 7.9%, much higher than the 5% rate considered the national average.

This would make one believe that individuals would be knocking down the door to be employed, but that is not the case. Those in need of a job seem to be scared that the industry is floundering and they could be out of work as soon as they take a position. Individuals do seem to be taking jobs in the hospitality area of Atlantic City as these seem to be more stable.

Economists do feel that the closure of casinos in 2014 do have an effect on the individuals seeking employment in Atlantic City, but there might be other reasoning behind the shift in those interested in casino employment in the city. Rick Mazer, the Harrah’s Resort Manager, does not understand the reasoning behind the lack of interest.

Mazer stated in an interview with the Press of Atlantic City that as he reads and hears about those who are commuting to other states for employment for long distance jobs, he doesn’t understand they do not try for the same position in Atlantic City that he has available. Positions at Harrah’s include chefs, mechanics, management positions, supervisor positions, housekeeping and more.

Mazer also stated he does not understand why there is a perception that Atlantic City does not have any jobs available because it is not true.