Australian citizens facing any sort of problem gambling will soon be able to exclude themselves before the things get too far. All they would need to do will be to sign up to a national self-exclusion register that will prevent them from placing bets on sports and racing events. As Asian Gaming Brief reports (AGB), the national register titled BetStop will be launched by Australian Government on August 21, 2023 to render the capacity to problem gamblers to have their own betting activity discontinued.

Adressing Problem Gambling:

The rules associated with the BetStop launch reportedly anticipate the inclusion of interactive sportsboks and racebooks in the promotion of the BetStop program in their Internet and mobile gambling operations and the related marketing materials. According to AGB, the Chair of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), Nerida O’Loughlin, said that the measure will play an important role in addressing problem gambling and helping people change their gambling habits.

O’Loughlin reportedly stated: “BetStop will help those at risk of gambling harm to take control of their situation, allowing them to block themselves from all licensed online and phone wagering services in a single process.”

Industry to Follow Up:

She reportedly also noted that the gambling industry must follow up the announced measure with the respective updates of its systems and procedures to protect customers and support them to use BetStop as a guide to abandon problem gambling activities. O’Loughlin reportedly said: “People who want to change their gambling habits can also start exploring whether Betstop can play a role to help them make those choices.”

Self-Exclusion Options:

The initiative will provide gamblers with the ability to exclude from problem gambling by preventing themselves from placing new bets, creating new accounts, and receive marketing messages for at least three months. The new legislation will make the BetStop program applicable across all Australian licensed online and mobile wagering operations which will have to ensure that the bettors’ self-exclusions remain effective over the foreseen period.

As reported, ACMA Chair also said: “People who want to change their gambling habits can also start exploring whether Betstop can play a role to help them make those choices.

Wheel of Change:

Under the rule, problem gamblers will reportedly be able to make a choice whether they will opt for a three-month exclusion or even a lifetime. One may assume that such an approach may be individual and that the efficacy of the measure depends on the extent of the problem and personality traits of each individual. The initiative starting with three-months exclusion may represent the necessary vehicle to start rolling the wheel of change in problem gambling behavior and help make some self-exclusions significantly or life extended.

BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register – will be launched by the Australian Government on 21 August 2023. The service will be free, and the personal details protected.