A new gambling tax imposed by the Northern Territory Government and  set to begin on July 1st, is now under criticism by the acting manager of the SkyCity Darwin Casino. Callum Mallett is disappointed that the government did not consult SkyCity before announcing the measure that included the new tax levy.

On Tuesday the Northern Territory Government announced the NT budget which included the new tax. With the changes, as much as $8 million is expected to be raised with a 10 percent tax on revenues from gaming machines of the casinos based in the territory.  Mallett stated SkyCity was both surprised and disappointed in the introduction of the levy as well as how it was communicated to the group.

The change will cost SkyCity from $5 to $6 million each year which will be used by the government for community projects. Mallett believes the tax is somewhat out of line with what other casinos in Australia are paying for a community benefit levy. In other areas, the casinos only pay 1 to 3 percent in such taxes. Mallett was happy the money would be going to the community and says the casino will be working with the government to ensure the business remains a viable one.