On April 27th, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation will be holding a groundbreaking ceremony for a new casino in the Belleville area, Shoreline Casino Belleville. The new venue will be part of an East Gaming Bundle agreement, where the company will have the sole right to manage all operations of gaming in the Ontario province.

Great Canadian Gaming Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Responsible Gaming, Chuck Keeling, stated that the event will also be ceremonial as the construction work has already begun. The goal is to have the venue up and running by the first quarter of next year. Already, concrete has been poured for some of the footings of the casino.

During the announcement of the ceremony, Keeling provided information on the initial bid packages that are being distributed. Great Canadian Gaming would rather tender the project sequentially and do everything at once, with bid packages for the venue to be tendered in the coming weeks.

Concept drawings have been shown for the casino venue and show that the proposed gaming facility will be more than 48,000 square feet in size. The building will have a metal façade and windows that span floor to ceiling. As many as 1,000 visitors are expected to visit the casino during peak times. 700 guests will be able to fit in the gaming area comfortably.

Visitors will be able to enjoy slot gaming with as many as 400 on the gaming floor, with table games offered at around 20 tables. On top of the casino gaming options, the Belleville venue will include a restaurant, bar & lounge, entertainment space and more. Great Canadian Gaming is investing C$41 million in the construction of the casino, with 300 people to be employed once construction is complete.

To be able to offer the casino in Bellevue, Great Canadian Gaming had to come to an agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The agreement states that the new casino will provide 5.25% to the host community from the first C$65 million earned by the electronic games of the casino. Table games will also provide Belleville with 4% share of the profits earned.