The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission (BCGC) has been officially accepted into the US National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) under the role of Organizational Member, local news outlets report.  According official statements, joining the NCPG is a crucial step for the Gambling Commission in preparing for the launch of the first casino resorts in Bermuda, which the government has been planning for more than two years.

The NCPG is a NGO and a chief advocate for those affected by problem gambling and their families in the US, and ever since its inception in 1972 it has proclaimed to have a neutral stance in issues concerning any US gambling legislation. Its main vision is to reduce the economic, social, and personal costs of problem gambling and instead promote health and wellbeing, and thus far the Council has worked closely with concerned parties to research and develop new programs and policies to help them achieve this vision.

The executive director of the Bermuda Commission commented on the membership by saying that they [the Commission] have a commitment towards Bermudians to set up a well-organized and proficient program for Problem Gambling before the integrated casino resorts open their doors to the public. Thus, the BCGC is looking forward to help from the National Council in realizing this promise.

Keith Whyte, the executive director of the National Council returned the kind words and stated that the BCGC will have a smooth starts thanks to the good legislation and their activities in establishing partnerships with stakeholders from the community, including the religious community and providers of gambling addiction treatments.  He added that the Council is likewise looking forward to cooperating with the BCGC on establishing responsible policies and programs, due to the importance of addressing any current issues, but also preventing future ones.