Online software developer, Betsoft Gaming, has announced a new online slot title that is sure to please fans of action-packed games. Dragon Kings is the latest title of the developer that features Chinese mythology with a modern touch of music inspired by the Asian culture, and quality special features. Players can access progressive jackpots that are tiered, as well as extra spins in this new game.

Capturing Ancient Folklore: 

The unique features of Dragon Kings can be found in dragon form. Legend tells a tale that the bodies of water around China are controlled by dragon spirits. Travelers would praise the dragons to be given smooth passage or call on their help when the conditions of the water were treacherous. In this slot game, the Dragon Kings have been re-imagined within the symbols, occupying one reel a piece and using their powers during game play.

Each of the dragons are wild and will substitute for a non-dragon symbol. Each creature has its own power. On the first reel, the Azure Dragon locks the other dragons in place when he shows up on the reels, providing one extra spin. The White Dragon can be found on reel 2, having the ability to clone and create a group of wild symbols.

The Red Dragon shows up on reel 4 and will provide a prize at random instantly with up to 400x the line bet provided. The Black Dragon appears on reel 5, multiplying any winning lines 3x. Each of them keeps game play interesting as they pop up on the reels.

Enter the Dragon King:

The ancient legend also speaks of a fifth dragon, a dragon so powerful that he has the ability to rule over the protectors of the seas. In this slot game, the Dragon King will appear, golden in color and in full height as he presides within the center reel. When he appears, the payouts are doubled on winning lines and the path to the tiered jackpots are controlled by his will.

If the King appears when other dragons are on the reels, their powers combine, and the total line bet will be multiplied 2000x. When this happens, a single symbol reel, the 6th reel, will come into play. This is the resting place for the Magical Pearl of the Dragon King. The pearl is the final piece needed to activate one of four progressive jackpots. The number of dragons found on the reel with the Dragon King will determine which jackpot you earn.

Dan Cooper, the Head of Product Development for the software supplier, commented on the new game via a press release by stating…

“Our goal with Dragon Kings was to bring a classic Chinese legend to life in a whole new way: with cutting-edge features, and a blend of artwork and music that appeals to the tastes of today’s Asian and international markets. From the dragons themselves, who have strong visual identities and cool powers, to the creative jackpots, we believe Dragon Kings contains the best of modern slot game design: a unique aesthetic, a strong storyline, audiovisual excellence, and a suite of features that are both deep and accessible.”