Top online software developer Betsoft Gaming has announced a new slot creation that is set to revolutionize the RNG gaming genre. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is the latest title of the developer, set to offer an action-packed experience, with a multiplayer adventure.

Explore ancient Egyptian Sands where fortunes are buried:

Max Quest is an online slot game that features the sands of Egypt where ancient fortunes were buried long ago. Players are to journey alongside veteran treasure hunters as they work to crack open a tomb that has been sealed for thousands of years. The hunters are soon facing off against supernatural monsters that rise due to an ancient curse.

Such monsters included in the game are scarab beetles that have mutated over the years, mummies that shuffle along the tomb corridors and pharaohs spirits bursting from their sarcophagus. Players have to be able to outwit the monsters to be able to find the hidden treasures buried in the tomb.

Brock Ryder, the main character of this game, the multi-talented leader of the group, set to lead you on this quest. Along with Brock, the party of treasure hunters includes navigators, weapons specialists and technical experts who are ready to handle the craziness of the maze.

Because the game is a multiplayer one, up to six players will be placed in the shoes of the operatives of the team. Players will find that cooperation and competition blend on the reels, as players must work together during portions of the game to move forward in their quest.

According to BetSoft…

Max Quest strays from the norm when it comes to slot game play. With this title, players will be surprised to find that instead of reels and symbols, the game includes an all-action shooting experience. Instead of using a spin button, players are aiming crosshairs at their enemies. Instead of winning with paylines, players are going to earn coins by hitting the targets with their bullets.

The core concepts of RNG gaming have been translated to other areas within this game, such as the levels, special weapons, bosses and enemy types, allowing players to use their resources together with their team to earn wins.

Annamaria Anastasi, the Marketing Director for Betsoft, commented on the new game by stating: ““Max Quest is more than just Betsoft’s marquee release for 2018; it’s an entirely unique proposition. Our team of artists, designers, developers, marketers, and other experts have created an experience that, I believe, stands apart from anything the iGaming industry has seen before.  By blending the best of RNG gaming, videogaming, and social games, we set out to create a new kind of game – one with genuine crossover appeal, advanced, sticky social features, and a deep, enduring sense of player progression.

Max Quest has fulfilled that ambition and more, and I am immensely proud of the finished product.  From its high-octane gameplay to its console-grade graphics and animations, Max Quest is ready to redefine what casino gaming can be – by capturing and holding the attention of both traditional slots players and all-new demographics.”

Revolutionary Step in Gaming:

The new title takes a revolutionary step when it comes to social gaming, video gaming and online casino options. With the game, players can customize their avatar with personalization tools, showcasing the achievements they receive in the game along with earning experience points. Players can even access a trophy cabinet where achievements can be displayed from gameplay.