Licensed blockchain online casino BetStreak has announced that next month will see it initiate an initial coin offering crowd-sale of its own-branded tokens with any proceeds due to be used primarily for the future development of its platform and services.

Believed to be one of the first such exercises of its kind, the crowd-sale is aimed at helping BetStreak to become a leader in crypto-gaming and take its existing offering beyond Bitcoin and fiat gambling by encompassing a wider range of crypto-currencies including the new BetStreak token.

Due to take place from October 1, the crowd-sale will also aid BetStreak, which premiered in August of 2016, in building a multi-coin platform API that will allow players to use different crypto-currencies in order to enjoy the domain’s range of video slots as well as its blackjack, baccarat and live dealer games.

“Having already established itself as a recognized licensed casino with a fully-fledged working product, BetStreak stands out as one of the few initial coin offerings where investors can invest with a clear understanding of the team’s ability to deliver their next project and knowledge to run the business properly,” read a statement from BetStreak.

The online casino declared that the completion of its multi-coin platform API will see players able to enjoy “a buffet spread of currencies” for all of its services, which are to subsequently encompass crypto-poker and sportsbetting.

“The tokens can be used to play on the BetStreak multi-coin platform API, sold back to the casino as part of a profit-sharing program or traded on crypto-currency exchanges,” read the statement from BetStreak. “The BetStreak team believes that its biggest differentiator among the other gambling initial coin offerings is best experienced.”