Launched in early 2006, redeveloped and then re-launched this month, Big Accumulator is a highly interactive and playful “smart lottery” that gives players a suite of tools to play games, jump from game to game, spy on other players and even set up there own games. Taking it’s cue from the success of social networking sites such as You Tube and My Space, Big Accumulator adds to the mix the everyman usability of Ebay for a truly unique online game.

“I looked around at what was available in terms of online gambling,” says founder Dan Eastmond, “and saw that you either had casino’s mimicking real world games (minus the atmosphere), or state lottery sites where, as a player, it’s a very passive experience. It all felt a little stale and old fashioned, and in dire need of a little fun!”

Interactivity is definitely the order of the day, with an instant messenger built in to chat live with other players and the “Player Spy” sending you emails every time any player you choose plays a game, jumps or does anything else you should know about!

Big Accumulator is certainly packed full of features to make playing a little more exciting than your usual lottery. Players can “jump” from one game to another if the jackpots not big enough for them, or simply to keep their stake alive.

And the future? “We’re getting new players online all the time” says Dan “so it’s great to watch things take on a life of their own. We’re developing some new game types and should be launching “The Stacker” shortly with a very exciting “Bump” feature!”

Helpful information;

Launched Feb 2006

Version 2 launched Feb 2007

Technology – PHP, MySQL, Ajax

Key features

o Time limited, Fixed jackpot and Double Up games
o Game jump
o Set up own games (Gamemaster)
o Player Spy
o Game Spy
o Live chat

Core user location – UK

o Male / Female Users – 59% / 41%
o Ave User Age – 28


For further information please visit or contact Dan Eastmond on 0845 652 0272 or email