Since 2009, the creator of bitcoin, a tax-free virtual currency, has remained a mystery. Bitcoin quickly became a popular form of virtual currency after its introduction, being used for online gambling and other financial purposes. Late last year, Wired believed to have figured out who the mystery creator was, after determining the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto appeared to be a person named Craig Steven Wright of Australia.

It appears as though Wired’s assumption was correct as Wright has now come forward claiming he is Nakamoto and has the proof to back up his claims. Wright is an entrepreneur of Australia who has been a prominent supporter of bitcoin. Wright has decided to go to several outlets, including the BBC, G2 and the Economist, and state that he is the creator of bitcoin, with proof that he can tie himself to Nakamoto. Wright reportedly had the cryptographic key associated with the first transaction of bitcoin as proof.

Speaking with the BBC, Wright stated that some people believe that he is Nakamoto while others do not and he just doesn’t really care. He decided to step into the light to show who he was to stop people from bothering him and the people he cares about.

If Wright is the creator of Bitcoin it means he has about $457 million to his name due to the success of the virtual currency.