As part of a series of conferences held throughout Europe, event organizer, Smile-Expo is presenting Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm 2017 for the first time on September 7. The focus of the conference will be on Sweden and foreign projects that are implementing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Additional event cities for this important series of conferences include Kiev, Moscow, Prague, Saint Petersburg, and Tallinn. Experts in the emerging and volatile technology will share insights and their experiences in the implementation of Blockchain in Govtech (institutions) banking systems, media, healthcare, trading, and other important economic spheres throughout the region and beyond.

The Stockholm Blockchain Conference is to be held 10:00 – 17:00 on Thursday, September 7, 2017, at the prestigious Elite Hotel Marina Tower on the waterfront. The official language of the conference is English.

Among topics under discussion will be all facets of the creation of innovative IT products along with current and potential paths to bring them from the emergence of an idea to their place in the market.

Delegates and presenters will be representative of government authorities and managers of well-known companies including investors and entrepreneurs, IT developers, as well as software and equipment manufacturers.

Expect conference presentations by Eric Benz, managing director at Cryptopay, Swedish MP and co-founder of Warp Institute, Mathias Sundin, and Ethereum Supervisory board member Vladislav Martinov among many other distinguished presenters and attendees.

The exhibition area will provide software and equipment developers a hands-on forum in which to present new solutions in the industry. Delegates can take advantage of the exhibition to help determine the proper reputable equipment and technologies they can use to engage in the disruptive technology and capture current trends in order to optimize business opportunities and maximize profits.

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