As we continue to peel the onion and establish ownership and relationships among the biggest players in the gambling industry we note that Dynamite Idea (Dynamite Design and Marketing Limited) was founded in 1995 by Simon Caddy and acquired by Boss Media in 2008.

We have to look to financial reports again to find the precise timing of GTech’s acquisition of Dynamite Idea. This occurs after their acquisition of Boss Media, but is accomplished by Boss Media acquiring Dynamite Idea. In paragraph 4, page 156 of the Lottomatica Group 2008 Financial Report we see that, “On April 1, 2008, Boss Media acquired 100% of Dynamite Idea…”. In the previous paragraph we see, “On April 24, 2008, GEMed obtained control of Boss Media when the Board of Directors of Boss Media was reconstituted such that GEMed was able to utilize the voting rights attached to the shares acquired.” (GEMed AB is/was a Swedish private limited liability company controlled by GTech) This time span tells us that they were quite busy building the stable that would later become GTechG2, and subsequently be known as SpeiloG2.