The small African country of Botswana isn’t feeling the pinch of recession, at least not in the casino industry. The Casino Control Board released its annual report in April and casino revenues were the highest ever for 2008.

Gross casino revenues rose by 51% and the government’s share rose by 28%. In only one case did the governmental levies actually decrease but the report attributes this to the casino neglecting to collect entrance fees.

The Moonlight Casino in the Gaborene Hotel rose a huge 209% in its second year of operation. The government’s amount more than doubled over 2007.

Gaborene Sun Casino revenues rose 63% over the year before and its total revenue of P 60,915,225 was the leader for 2008.

The second highest revenue generator was the Grand Palm Casino which had a growth rate of 47% with the government levies increasing by 25%.

Other casinos included in the report were Marang Casino (up 65%), Sedibeng Casino (up 9%), Menateng Casino (up 26%), Syringa Casino (up 6% but levies down 10%), Letsatsi Casino (up 67%) and King’s Casino (up 26%).