Online casino and sportsbook platform developer, BtoBet, has announced that Valentina Ivanoska (pictured) has been promoted to the new post of Chief Operating Officer where she will oversee a number of responsibilities including the management of all of its compliance, revenue, account and legal functions.

The brand, which has offices in Rome, Skopje, Belgrade and Malta, used an official press release to reveal that Ivanoska was selected due to her ‘vast experience in the IT industry’ and ‘deep knowledge of different channels’ including business-to-consumer, online, business-to-business and retail.

Alessandro Fried, Chairman for BtoBet, declared that Ivanoska’s appointment is set to strengthen his firm’s ‘C-level management’ and allow it to merge a number of processes in order to better take advantage of future opportunities.

“It is always commendable to have such young and talented people join our ranks and I am sure that Valentina’s approach of doing things will not only bring about a welcome spark to our work culture but will further strengthen BtoBet’s talent asset,” read a statement from Fried.

Ivanoska formerly worked as Operations Manager for BtoBet, which offers a standalone platform that allows iGaming operators to personalize their products for use via online, retail and mobile channels, and she explained that one of her long-term goals will be to stimulate collaboration while helping to create a competitive and positive environment by setting ‘the best example for the whole team.’

“I am positive that through such an approach the whole organization will seek to further its knowledge while maintaining its core values,” read a statement from Ivanoska.