BetBet recently hosted an exclusive roadshow in Lagos, including a VIP dinner, to present new technology features created for their platform. Existing clients were able to view the new features while at the same time, BtoBet was able to strengthen new partnerships with local companies who wished to develop their business in the area and acquire a new market share of the company.

In the area, just over 50% of the population are mobile users, 150 million to be exact. There has been an increase in mobile shopping interest with the gambling market of Nigeria showing signs of being ready to move towards mobile and online gaming. BtoBet used their roadshow to showcase how challenging retail to mobile evolution can be and that it requires more than a mobile page creation.

At the West Africa show, local operators were given the ability to discover how their business could expand in Nigeria by using the right tools and technology. Alessandro Fried, the Chairman of BtoBet, was a speaker during the panel titled “Making the most of growing opportunities in Africa”. Fried shared his vision of how operators locally must move towards mobile development.

According to Fried, to be successful in mobile, a licensee of Nigeria will need to focus on maximizing the experience in shop along with pushing the player to move from the shop to mobile, with native apps. With this perspective, a mobile application is no longer a nice option to have but a must-have. With the right technology, Fried suggested that support will be provided to enable delivery of an effective betting proposal for players. The Chairman also suggests that operators create a cross-channel option so activities can be tracked by operators as players move between channels.

Operators who were unable to take part in the Lagos roadshow can ask for a demo from BtoBet by calling +356 27135974 or sending an email via