Caesars Palace of Las Vegas was recently evacuated due to a fire that was located in an area with escalators on Monday, leading to three hotel workers being hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. Fire officials reported that the casino was evacuated after the escalator fire resulted in a great deal of smoke billowing throughout the facility.

The fire was reported around 3:30 am based on information provided by the Clark County Fire Department and was seen coming from the promenade level of the convention center of the Nevada hotel. The fire started at the top of the main escalators and had spread to the curtains in this area. Smoke made its way to the ballroom as well as casino which prompted officials to evacuate the convention center and any areas nearby.

Jennifer Forkish, a spokeswoman for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, stated that 140 hotel rooms located at the Palace Tower along three floors were evacuated for close to two hours. Shops nearby as well as a portion of the casino gaming floor were evacuated but only briefly. No guests of the hotel or patrons of casinos and shops were injured, though the three hotel employees were affected by smoke inhalation.

The damage was estimated by the fire department to be around $100,000, after taking around 25 minutes to contain.