PRNewswire-iReach – Cashplay, the only globally-approved real money, cash tournaments provider on Apple’s iOS platform and the only cash tournament provider worldwide for Android, announced today that its service is available in ten new mobile titles available now or fast approaching the App Store. From soccer to puzzles and even zombies, players can now face off in a variety of exciting mobile titles to win real money!

“The success stories about cash tournaments in games have spread to the point that we get hundreds of incoming inquiries from game developers every month,” said Jarrod Epps, CEO of Cashplay. “Of course it’s great for our business but equally exciting is that the cash gaming industry has proven viable and is becoming a recognized, mainstream way for mobile game developers to make money while engaging their audience on a whole new level.”

Fly Happy Bird from Storm Bringer Studios based in Tbilisi, Georgia brings colorful, familiar gameplay to life but with a twist as players avoid obstacles and challenge friends. Now enhanced by Cashplay, players can take it one step further and compete for real money.

Black Dot Escape is a fun, simple and addictive game that follows the latest trend in minimalist games. Play as a black dot avoiding the fast moving red squares in order to score points. Like other games featuring Cashplay tournaments, Black Dot Escape offers a first-time registration bonus of $3 that allows its users to play for free and win cash without having to make a deposit.

Puncherman is an arcade style casual game where players employ their fists of fury to break wood planks and punch their way to success courtesy of Storm Bringer Studios. Coming very soon to the App Store and Cashplay enabled from this developer is Croco Jump, a colorful vertical climber featuring a crocodile which avoids obstacles and gets aerial.

Keitai, based in Taiwan, presents the coolest soccer game yet, Loco Soccer. Players use their finger to draw the path of the ball and score amazing goals. Now with Cashplay, players can play for cash and compete against others while using skillful techniques. Big Dice is another title from Keitai that tests players reaction time to identify the better poker hand as quickly as possible and win real money with Cashplay.

Keitai’s number one game, Rocket Cube, now features Cashplay-powered tournaments in this addictive, fast paced, Tetris-like puzzle shooter where players get to match and explode colored cubes to earn points. Now Rocket Cube users are able to win some real money using their skills in a special one-minute mode.

Soccer Championship 3D – Penalty Kicks from Dumadu located in Bangalore, India, is a fun, penalty shooting game where players need to score as many goals as possible within one minute. Bringing a Cashplay option to Soccer Championship 3D raises the stakes as players compete in a range of real cash tournaments and use their soccer skills against other players from around the world.

Take flight with Jet Pack Chicken from US-based Funly LLC. Kim the Chicken needs your help, blast forward through chomping obstacles and upward to stay off the ground in this addictive new game. With Cashplay, players compete for high scores in this obstacle laden racer.

The Death Road from Mandegames, headquartered in China, is a realistic endless runner game where players ride motorcycles through zombie infested streets avoiding cars while trying to destroy the undead menace. Start the adventure at the death road and compete in real-money tournaments to see how far you can get and how many zombies you’ve killed.

Games featuring Cashplay allow winners to claim their real cash registration and deposit bonuses by creating a Cashplay account which takes less than 60 seconds. Cashplay has players competing for real money in over 150 countries worldwide.

About Cashplay

Cashplay is the first globally-approved provider of real money, cash tournaments in mobile games on the App Store. To facilitate cash tournaments, Cashplay offers a free software development kit (SDK) for mobile game developers to incorporate within skill-based, mobile games for the purpose of increasing revenues. The company was founded in 2012 and is comprised of veterans from the real money gaming, banking, mobile gaming, and the online entertainment industries. Cashplay is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic and also has an office in San Francisco, California.

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