On Tuesday, the State Senate of New York approved a casino revenue sharing bill that would see the Yellow Brick Road Casino providing Madison County with 25% of their slot gaming revenues as part of what the casino contributes to the state.

When the legislation was first proposed, the Oneida Indian Nation showed their opposition as they are the managers of the casino but state senators voted overwhelming anyways in approval for the measure, at a vote of 57 to 1. Madison County is a host municipality to the casino and they will be receiving a share of revenues from slot machine gaming annually as it is generated and paid to the state. The exact amount the county will receive is still unclear.

Since the Tuesday approval, the measure has moved on to the New York State Assembly. The State Assembly has already voted in favor of a similar measure last year but members will have to vote on this bill as well. Senator David Valesky is the sponsor of the proposed bill, having Madison County is in district.

Valesky has stated that it is only fair that a share of the revenues are given to Madison County and based on his bill, any payments the casino would be receiving would come from the portion of revenue from the slot gaming that the state receives.

The Oneida Indian Nation created an agreement in 2013 within the area that would see the tribe having a casino monopoly within an area of 10 counties. In exchange, the tribe would give a portion of their revenues from the Turning Stone Casino & Resort to Oneida County.

Once the Yellow Brick Road Casino was launched last year, Madison County began to argue that they should be given a portion of the revenues that the state is given. Oneida County was not happy with this idea and claimed that the settlement of 2013 should be backed by all those involved, including the Oneida and Madison Counties, lawmakers of the state and the tribe.