SJM Holdings Ltd. has reopened Casino Taipa at the Regency Art Hotel Macau, in Taipa after eight years of dormancy.

The property is located at 2 Estrasa Almirante Marques near the Macau – Taipa Bridge and the Macau Olympic Complex and occupies three acres. The four-star hotel, about 10 minutes from the Macau city center has remained open while the casino there was closed.

The casino is small, offering 5 gaming tables and 112 electronic gaming positions including slots and other non-dealer gambling games.

According to various local reports, the casino floor re-opened on November 17. The SJM casino license is “self-promoted” rather than a satellite license of another SJM property, and as such has remained listed with the DICj. The regulator currently lists two other SJM licenses as “suspended” – one for Greek Mythology Casino, whose operators ran into difficulties and were forced to cease operations, while SJM retains the license and can reopen the casino themselves or utilize another operator.

Another suspended license SJM holds is for the Macau Palace Casino, which closed its doors in 2007. That casino was perhaps the smallest in Macau. The floating casino which was featured in the 1974 James Bond movie, ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ was removed to make way for the Fisherman’s Wharf development.

Reopening Casino Taipa is not expected to have much effect on SJM’s bottom line, as according to Union Gaming analyst Grant Govertsen, “To put the scale of Casino Taipa in perspective, we note that its 5 tables represent just 0.3 percent of SJM’s total supply, while its 112 slots represent 4 percent of company-wide supply.”