Despite announcing in late-February that it was hoping to open a casino in the small central European principality of Lichtenstein later in the year, Casinos Austria International has now reportedly announced that it investigating the possibility of selling off its entire portfolio.

According to a report from G3 Newswire, the move from Casinos Austria International follows the Vienna-based firm putting its Grand Casino Brussels Viage venue in the Belgian capital on the market, which could negatively impact up to 250 employees.

Casinos Austria International, which is the global arm of Austrian firm Casinos Austria, reportedly runs 26 land-based casinos in eleven countries as well as six located on cruise ships. The firm moreover operates video lottery terminals in Macedonia and last year recorded its first annual profit since 2009 after withdrawing from several loss-making markets.

“Following the successful rehabilitation of Casinos Austria International, we have had inquiries for cooperation up to the acquisition of shares,” Martin Himmelbauer, a spokesperson for Casinos Austria International, told G3 Newswire. “We are now investigating with potential prospects what possibilities arise.”