It is not uncommon for a big jackpot win to take place at an online casino, but two major wins in one week’s time is a pretty big deal! Casumo Casino is celebrating two big wins via slot machine gaming, with two lucky players having earned a massive payout thanks to two NetEnt games, Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. In total, €7,939,246.89 was earned between the two players, making it a big jackpot win week at Casumo!

The first jackpot to be earned took place on the Mega Fortune game with the lucky player earning more than €3,300,000 with a simple spin of the reels. On March 30th, a 28 year old guy would go from being a regular Joe to a multi-millionaire! Casumo actually talked to the lucky winner, who remains anonymous, about the big win, wanting to know exactly what happened.

The player stated that he had been working the nightshift and started to think on the way home that it would be nice to win a mega jackpot when he got home. After he enjoyed a meal, he logged online and began to play a jackpot game, which is something that he does not normally do. Once the win took place, he couldn’t believe it and had to wake his partner to share the good news in the middle of the night. According to Casumo, the winner now plans on using his newfound wealth to share with family, be a ‘godparent’ to a child in need and help to sponsor a charity organization. He also will take a trip to Maldives and enjoy trying out the retired lifestyle, even if he is only 28!

The second big jackpot win of the week would take place on April 4th. This win was actually the largest jackpot to be awarded by Casumo in the history of the online casino. The player was enjoying the Mega Fortune Dreams game on his mobile phone when he hit a €4,621,607.81 jackpot after a €1 spin! Imagine the luck!

Casumo also spoke to this lucky winner, a thirty year old who could not imagine having won this massive amount of cash after just joining the online casino two hours previously, and not to forget the small stake he placed to earn the big win!

Another big jackpot winner may not be too far behind these guys as Casumo currently has a few big jackpots that continue to build. Take Hall of Gods for example. This game has a jackpot of €3.8 million and counting and is just waiting for a winner! Read more about these big wins by visiting the Casumo Blog, here.