If anyone was ever skeptical that Spain’s Hard Rock’s Catalan Casino Resort plans would come to fruition, they can rest their doubts now. The colossal €2 billion project has just been given the green light by the government of Catalonia, meaning that this Spanish region, which recently made headlines for the turbulent independence struggle, will soon witness the beginning of the venue construction in the city of Tarragona.

Hard Rock International originally conceived this Catalan Casino Resort project as a part of their global expansion strategy. In their official Gazette published this Monday, the Catalonia’s ministry of economy and finance has approved that they should move on with the project, having been denied this multiple times before.

The proposed name of the Resort will be Hard Rock Entertainment World. The previously suggested moniker of BCN World (BCN stands for Barcelona) was scrapped, even though the court allowed the developers to use the name of the much more popular city, despite the Resort’s exact location being Tarragona.

Hard Rock Entertainment World in Catalonia will feature two hotels, 1100 rooms, 75 retail stores, 1200 slots, a 6000 meter swimming pool, 15,000 seat theater and 10,000 square meter casino. With the total investment figures in the region of €2 billion, this will be one of the most expensive undertakings of its kind ever seen in Europe. The initial, €700 million phase of the construction and development is slated to start in the next three years – the company needs to cash out the €10 million deposit and secure building permits before the countdown to completion begins. It is estimated that the entire project should be completed in five years time.

The annual boost to the local economy from the new venue should come in the form of €1.3 billion revenue. With the Atlantic City resort scheduled for grand opening June 28th, 2018 is shaping up to be quite big for the Hard Rock franchise.