While still in it’s soft-launch or introductory period, Baha Mar casino in Nassau, The Bahamas, was hit by two unscrupulous players who found out in seemingly world record time they will be going to prison for two years as a result of trying to cheat the casino.

According to The Nassau Guardian, two Floridians pulled a roulette chip swap on the second day of casino operations at Baha Mar. For those unaware, roulette chips usually don’t have values printed on them; the croupier will give players a certain color of chips, worth a certain amount at that particular table. If taken to another table where, say, green chips are worth $1000 each rather $500 – a player at table #2 will have doubled his money.

Casino security observed one of the players put chips in his pocket at the first table. He told police later that he placed those chips in the bathroom where the second player picked them up and used them at another table where the particular color of chips was worth more.

Even though the second player had a losing run, by the time he cashed out he ended up collecting $5,946 from the dealer.

In front of acting Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain, both defendants admitted to profiting from the scheme. Police recovered $800 worth of chips which were returned to the casino and seized $1,834 in cash from the two men.

The men claimed they were convinced to participate in the scheme by a man named ‘Marco’ they had met at the bar. They asked for leniency from the judge.

The judge was having nothing to do with it telling the cheaters, “Had you not been caught, you would have gotten away,” as quoted by The Guardian.

Before handing down her sentence of two years to each on fraud and conspiracy charges, along with a count each of gaining proceeds from a crime, the judge said she could not ignore the nature of the crimes at the recently opened resort.

Baha Mar opened for an introductory period on April 21 following five days of celebrations for the resort’s current 1,700 associates. The casino at Baha Mar is the largest in the Caribbean, spanning 100,000 square feet and offering more than 1,000 cutting-edge slot machines, 126 gaming tables, sports and race betting, mobile gaming, exclusive privé gaming salons as well as cosmopolitan and refined restaurants and bars throughout the casino floor.

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  1. John Connolly

    How can Lars Jones have no clue about this scam and how it works? This is “World Casino News” and the writer does no know how the gaming floor works, you cannot take chips from one table to another and they are worth more.That’s impossible. That is not how this scam works.

    • Lars Jones
      Lars Jones

      Hello John, thank you for reading World Casino News. Would you be so kind as to enlighten our readers? I believe this was a “color-up” scam. Did I miss something? Your comments are most welcome.

    • mark Warren

      Hi John it depends how they set up their roulette tables. If they set up with generic chips across the floor without table numbers on the chips then it is easy to move chips from table to table.

  2. Lars Jones
    Lars Jones

    I’d venture to guess they weren’t caught by floor personnel or an eye in the sky but by RF in the chips – but that is conjecture. We can only report what we know.

  3. Danny

    I am not sure if they use RF chips there, but having over 17 years of casino surveillance experience, I can tell you that a skilled surveillance team can catch this as well as having an alert person on the floor actually walking their game.

    • John Maloney

      This would be spotted by an alert dealer , who would noticethere was more then the allotted number of chips for that colour accumulating at the wheel, so would immediately ? All chips of that colour,..unlickley that the eye in the sky would spot it sooner..

  4. Philipp Hawkins

    This is an old scam that is easily caught by a trained surveillance staff.


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