Isle of Man-licensed blockchain online casino innovator FunFair Technologies Europe Limited has announced that it has partnered with Asia-facing developer Big Wave Gaming to launch a virtual version of the Japanese dice game of cho-han.

The London-headquartered firm used an official press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to detail that its new Cho Han title is already available to enjoy at partner sites such as and and invites competitors to simply wager on whether the sum of a pair of rolled six-sided dice will be an odd or an even number.

Updated adaptation:

FunFair Technologies Europe Limited stated that Cho Han comes complete with an ‘immersive soundtrack, animations and visuals’ that are destined ‘to raise the bar for blockchain games’ by pulling players ‘right into the traditional Japanese setting’ and moreover allows aficionados to bank ‘bigger wins’ by betting on the likelihood of the electronic dice showing a double or Lucky 8 outcome.

Expanding interest:

Fred Kessler, Chief Product Officer for FunFair Technologies Europe Limited, used the press release to declare that the game of cho-han ‘has been a favored pastime in Japanese culture for centuries’ and that the new Cho Han online casino title will allow this diversion to be brought to ‘a wider crypto-gambling audience.’

Read a statement from Kessler…

Big Wave Gaming is delivering first-class content that we’re confident will be a big hit with our growing Japanese audience and crypto-gamers alike. Cho Han has the winning combination of simplicity and lucrative wins and, coupled with a premium aesthetic and guaranteed fair back-end, we’re delighted to integrate it into our burgeoning games portfolio.”

Advantageous alliance:

For his part, Ivan Rungkat, Managing Director for Big Wave Gaming, pronounced that Cho Han features his own firm’s game mechanics and front-end while utilizing the blockchain expertise of FunFair Technologies Europe Limited to offer back-end smart contracts that ‘guarantee fairness’ and allow competitors ‘to check outcomes in real time.’

Rungkat’s statement read…

“Partnering with FunFair Technologies Europe Limited over the past year has put our games in front of a brand-new audience that we may not otherwise have reached and we fully expect Cho Han to complement our growing blockchain offering. With an already strong foundation in Japanese culture, we believe Cho Han’s simplicity and instant nature will be a perfect fit for many demographics across FunFair Technologies Europe Limited’s casino network.”