The lottery in the state of New Jersey could have a new feature if Governor Chris Christie decides to sign off on a bill that just gained Senate approval. The bill would require the Lottery Commission to authorize the delivery of lottery tickets via courier to resident’s homes. The measure was created to widen the customer base of the lottery.

Current state law does not address the delivery of lottery tickets so essentially the new bill should not have any contention from other lawmakers. The measure would allow courier services to register with the Lottery Commission of the state and have authorization to be able to deliver tickets. A delivery fee could be charged but the courier service would not be able to earn a portion of prize money if the player redeemed a winning ticket.

The bill passed the Assembly in June and just passed the Senate this week. It is now up to Christie as to what will become of the new measure. In related news, motorists of the Atlantic City Expressway will be able to enjoy free tolls from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. this morning at the Egg Harbor toll plaza in the eastbound lanes.

The freebie is part of an effort by lottery officials to promote the FastPlay lottery games. The games began on the 2nd of August and do not have numbers to choose or a card to scratch. The tickets are printed out with a game board and have winning numbers that players must match. The games can provide a top prize of $25,000 to any individual who matches the correct numbers with the highest match.