Since twelve horses died on the track from April 27 to today, Churchill Downs decided to conduct drastic measures. The famous racetrack decided to suspend the races until July 3 in order to further investigate the recent events and improve the regulations and policies so the racing became safe and secure once again.

The detailed investigation:

Bill Carstanjen, Churchill Downs Incorporated’s CEO, said: “The team at Churchill Downs takes great pride in our commitment to safety and strives to set the highest standard in racing, consistently going above and beyond the regulations and policies that are required.”

He expressed his deep sorrow and claimed that these events were very upsetting and completely unacceptable. The investigation already began, but since nobody succeeded in connecting the deaths to the surfaces or environment at the track, the investigation will be continued. So far, no connection between the cases has been found, and the pattern isn’t noticeable. However, in order to investigate all possible solutions, more time is needed, and that’s why there won’t be races on the track until July 3

The officials got together on an emergency summit to see what they could do to prevent new tragedies from happening at the track. They spoke to horsemen at the Trackside Training Center in Louisville as well, and together they came up with changes and new measures that will be implemented right now. All deaths will be separately investigated, as well as the overall track conditions

Churchill Downs officials commented: “Diagnostics testing of the racetrack by experts have not raised concerns, and the experts have concluded that the surface is consistent with prior measurements from Churchill Downs in past years.”

Concerns about the state’s economy:

Spring meet operations, which were scheduled to be held at Churchill Downs, will begin on June 10, but at Ellis Park in Henderson, Kentucky. Churchill’s officials are aware of all the economic benefits the state gains from the thoroughbred industry, so it’s another important motive for them to continue with the investigation. 

That was one of the key reasons why the meet will be held at Ellis Park since it won’t affect the state’s economy

It’s to be seen if Churchill Downs will recover from these tragic deaths. It all began in April this year. From April 27 to May 6, seven horses died on the track. After that, the tragedies kept happening, and five more horses died. Last week one more horse had to be euthanized. Kimberley Dream, a well-known champion, ran at her 61st race when she pulled up in the upper stretch. After that, vets weren’t able to help her, so she had to be put down. A day before, Lost in Limbo also had an accident. The horse fell during the race and wasn’t able to get up again.