As expected, the mayor and city council of Broken Arrow voted unanimously Wednesday evening to pass a resolution confirming their opposition to the introduction of what they believe to be illegal gambling into the town located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma.

The catalyst for the resolution was reportedly rumors heard by the council that the Embers Grille located south of the Creek Turnpike near Tucson and Olive streets was looking to hire people with gaming experience to run a casino and the restaurant. According to Tulsa World, City Manager Michael Spurgeon said the Broken Arrow City Council became concerned because although situated on land allotted to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the business owned by Bim “Steve” Bruner is within city limits.

As previously reported by Tulsa World, the Kialegee Tribal Town has in the past attempted to provide oversight regarding gaming at the property. However, neither Broken Arrow officials nor the Creek Nation is of the mind that the autonomous entity within the Creek Nation has jurisdiction over the land.

The news agency reports that for the time being, Spurgeon said the City Council is unaware of any illegal gaming on the small allotment. He did reportedly say, however, that should that change, the city is preparing.

Spurgeon said, “Should there be some type of illegal gaming there, or some type of pursuing the sale of alcohol without the appropriate approvals, the first thing we’ll do is go to the tribe (the Creek Nation).” The city manager added, “We’ll meet with leaders; we’ll meet with the chief as well as their attorney general to make sure they’re aware of it,” according to the news agency.