Glen Cobb and three of his family members have made deals with the government after an investigation of a multi-million dollar sports betting operation. Glen Cobb, a Las Vegas local, will plead guilty to two counts of misdemeanor accessory after the fact. His parents and family member Monica Namnard, will plead guilty to one count according to a news release on April 16, 2015. Court documents are not publically filed yet with regards to the plea agreements.

The family has agreed to give up $4.3 million of the $13.2 million seized by the government in 2013. Lycur was the illegal sports betting location they ran. The company will plead guilty to felony as part of the plea deal the Cobb family signed.

The pleas will take place on Monday April 20, 2015. The US District Court Judge, Richard Boulware II, will hear the pleas and end the IRS government investigation of the family and the company.