Chinese blockchain gaming studio, Cogito Company Limited, has announced that it is taking decentralized autonomous entertainment to the next level and putting players in control via the launch of its new Horseman Go title.

The Hong Kong-headquartered innovator used an official press release published by to reveal that its latest advance is an end-to-end virtual horseracing game deployed using the open-source EOS public blockchain that invites participants to construct their very own ranches in order to breed, cultivate and train a stable of competitors.

Directive decisions:

Cogito was established by the former President of Chinese games development firm AIGame100, Kevin Yu, and it stated that all of the mechanics within Horseman Go have been ‘underwritten in code’ so as to make it the first title of its kind ‘to be fully self-operational, self-managing and self-developing.’ As such, the company declared that competitors will be able to dictate the future course of the title’s virtual ecosystem and assist the wider community in addressing the current ‘imbalance between game developers, network operators and players’.

Clear consumption:

Yu used the press release to explain that Horseman Go players are also able to transparently purchase in-game assets such as horses using EOS tokens with the presence of these resources on the blockchain certain to satisfy any safety and provenance concerns.

Read a statement from Yu…

“From the irrefutable success of CryptoKitties in 2017, we’ve seen that the blockchain gaming ecosystem has yet to significantly innovate since then, with today’s games bogged by laggard network speeds and the inability to retain players. With the potential for blockchain to allow for greater transparency and safety for players who look to monetize in-game assets, we wanted to create a game that took this idea of ownership a step further.”

Autonomous advance:

Cogito Company Limited divulged that the mobile-friendly Horseman Go underwent closed beta tests in October and furthermore utilizes its decentralized Jockey Club innovation to oversee and administer a central wallet for all in-game earnings and expenditures. It proclaimed that competitors will be required to pay to take part in races and auctions although most of these virtual funds are to be returned ‘through bonus pools, activity rewards and a dedicated development fund for beginners.’

Yu’s statement read…

“As the first game of its kind, Horseman Go proposes an innovative model of gameplay, distinguished by a self-functioning economy determined for players by the players themselves. Designed wholly with the spirit of decentralization in mind, we hope to foster an ecosystem that encourages players to be fully invested in the creation of the Horseman Go ecosystem, empowered by the emphasis on community inclusion and accountability for its growth.”